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Your kid attends dozens of birthday parties a year. Each family wants to win at parenting and throw the biggest and the best party of the year. Really, it comes down to making your kid’s birthday party one that they will remember throughout all the others, at least until next year! Kids are simple; they don’t care about hor ‘d oeuvres or what the gift wrap looked like. All they care about is having fun with (and one-upping) their friends. Make it a special day by incorporating their favorite games into their party. Laser tag is a great option for your kid’s birthday party for many reasons, and hosting their party at a laser tag arena will leave you as their birthday party hero!

The best part about hosting your kid’s birthday party at Megazone is it won’t be at your house! That eliminates the need for pre and post party clean-up for you. We have lots of options to reduce the amount of entertaining you are responsible for. Set the date, book , and let the guests be entertained by our crew.  Check them out below



Birthday Parties


$20 : Zap Out Birthday

Quick Info

  • Two Games of Laser Tag
  • One Hour of Party Room Hire
  • Cordial
  • Minimum of 8 guests.

Our starting Birthday package, for just $20 a head, you get two laser tag games, and private room hire for the duration of your party!

This party doesn't come with any of the bells and whistles, but it's a nice quick party option!

As with all our parties, you can add on extras listed at the bottom of this page!

$25:     Birthday Blast

Our most popular party package!

With the birthday blast it's all done for you!  We decorate the room to the theme option, we sort your food out, provide drinks and of course provide the fun! Kids are all given custom membership cards, which change the suit to be there desired name!

We can even provide the cake and host if you want also in the theme!

As with all our parties, there is a tonne of extras you can add, just look at the list at the bottom of this page!

Quick Info

  • Two Laser Tag Games
  • Membership
  • One and a Half hours of party room
  • Pizza
  • Cordial
  • Free coffee for organizers
  • Custom Invites
  • Minimum of 8 guests
  • Themes: Pirate, Kings/Queens, Super Hero, Space Invaders, UV, Un-themed.

$30:    Power Party

The Deluxe party option, that makes the party a breeze, all you need to do is bring the kids!

We handle everything else, with food, drinks, cake all sorted out! As well as themed party bags for the guests!

Just show up, grab a seat and enjoy our free coffee for the organziers and relax as we handle it all for you.





Quick Info

  • Three Laser Tag Games
  • Two Hours Of Party Room
  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Cordial
  • Party Bags
  • Custom Invites
  • Minimum of 8 guests
  • Free coffee for organaizers

Party Extras

$35 CUSTOM Birthday CAKE

Delicious Chocolate Cake! Must be ordered a week in advance.

$30 Pinjata

Add a party classic! Must be pre-ordered a week in advance

$10 Membership

Custom membership cards for the guests, each card allows the guest to choose there own custom name, that will show up on the score screens. The cards also store results from previous visits, and can be used at any of our Zone Sites!




$1 PP Party bags

Need some extra party bags? Sure thing, they're just $1 per guest.

$1 pp Fizzy

Add some fizzy to the party! Note fizzy does contain large amounts of sugar!

$5 PP Extra Laser Game

Need more pew pews? Easy, you can add extra games at just $4 per person. Not all guests need to do the extra games


Add some time filling fun to the party, just $2 per person gets you a round of mini golf! Not all guests need to play.

$10 Party Snacks

Two bowls of tasty candy, and two bowls of crisps for the table!

$4 HOt Chips

Fresh hot chips from our kitchen for the table, just give us 10 min notice before you want them