Megazone Events

We've got a tonne of regular events! 


Laser Tag League night : $15

Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm

Laser Sporting is a super fun and rapidly growing sporting activity across the world. Its a great way to exercise both mind and body in a fun, team oriented environment. Laser Sports are suitable for all ages 6 and over and helps to develop fitness, hand to eye coordination, team work & communication skills. Teams have 5 players in them!

You can join with friends or by yourself. If you join as a full team, we recommend splitting in 2 and matching up with some experienced players for a season or 2 to get the hang of things. Our advanced handicapping system ensures that teams of varying skill levels can compete on an equal playing field, but having experienced campaigners to show you the ropes really helps. Social League is played on Wednesday night from 6pm.


Board Game Night : Free!

Free games to play, with countless (well less than 300, but still that's a lot right? and it's always growing)  The night starts at 5, then goes till it stops, come play games in our multiplex games rooms, fully heated, insulated and separations if you have a game that requires concentration, or be social and play in the main common room. 


Archery Tag Night: $15

Every Friday, 6-9 pm, come on in and shoot your friends full of arrows!

Archery Tag, is like dodgeball, but with bows and arrows and way more fun!


Members Night: $15

Every Sunday, 5 -8 pm, come on in and shoot your friends with lasers! Try all our advanced game modes, like capture the flag, zombies and more!

Once you’ve got a member card, it’s just $10! Can’t get better value than that!