Megazone has recently replaced its old Laserforce system with the latest in laser tag techonology! 44 brand-new suits and tonnes of exciting new features, ready for your next group fun day!


Megazone Entertainment Centre is a fantastic venue for your next group event and an excellent place for fun, family activities!

We have:

- Laser tag in a HUGE arena-maze

- 9 hole mini golf

- Pool tables (9 foot)

- Videotech computer game arcade

- Cafe

- 4 private function areas

- Upstairs private function bar




  • Birthdays and family fun!

  • Great on site cafe and private rooms!

  • Laser tag, mini golf and pool tables

  • School fun-days and work-dos

  • Fundraising opportunities

Check out heaps of pictures and updates on our Facebook page below!

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